Glenn "Six String" McDowell is co-owner of Klutina Salmon Charters. He has been guiding on the Klutina river for 10 years. Glenn will take you to the best fishing holes to make sure you catch your MASSIVE fish!
Glenn gets his nickname from his love of playing the guitar. You might hear him picking at pot lucks and campfires. It is rumored he made a deal down at the crossroads as a youth.  

Klutina Salmon Charters is family owned and operated. Glenn, Jay, Jake, Andrew, and Kevin, our fishing guides, will offer you an exciting adventure down the Klutina River or Gulkana River. Even if you are only staying in our campground, they are always willing to give you advice about fishing and teach you how to land the BIG one. Come into our office to see Jessica or Glenn. They can help you book a charter, reserve a camp site, wrap and freeze your fish, or just keep you company on a rainy day. The staff at Klutina Salmon Charters always welcomes new and familiar faces. 

Meet the Staff

Jake "Motown" Hadley is a veteran guide who is a Michigan native that loves Detroit and all of its sports teams. As an avid sportsman he has spent several seasons in Alaska including a stint in Juneau as an ocean kayak guide. He has experience on both the Gulkana and Klutina rivers. 

Andrew "Animal" Hageman grew up chasing bluegill, smallmouth bass, and brown trout in the lakes and rivers of Southwest Michigan. He has also honed his salmon fishing skills on Lake Michigan, and the Pere Marquette and Saint Mary's rivers. Andrew studied fisheries management at Lake Superior State University, and graduated with a bachelor's degree from Western Michigan University. The only thing Andrew likes more than catching fish, is putting someone else on fish and watching the fight.

​​Klutina Salmon Charters & Campground
Copper Center, Alaska  

Kevin "Swayze" Scott is a Michigan native and back for his fourth year as a guide. An avid outdoorsman, he has spent much time hiking, fishing, biking and rafting across the country. He enjoys introducing the beginner to the joys of King salmon fishing!